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23  Mayis  2018

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Uzumlü (Cadianda)
15 kilometres northeast of Fethiye, is the town of Uzumlu that lies at the skirts of Cadianda, the antique city of Lykia, old Anatolian houses made of wood and stone queue up in aline with their peaceful courtyards, forming the cute streets of this interesting town. While walking along these streets, hearing those mysterious and persevering sounds going 'tinnn' will make one wonder. In this warm atmosphere where authentic pastoral life prevails, the women of Uzumlu have been giving shape to their joy, patience and sorrow in the form of hand-woven fabric for a hundred, maybe a thousand years with the same looms and the same traditional methods.

What comes into the palm of women of every age from fifteen to eighty-five as cotton or silk thread, leaves it as 'dastar', the specific fabric of Uzumtu. Between the hands that flutter upon the loom, something like a magical spell happens. The sound heard in the street is the song of the thread that is the hero of this magic.

In Uzumlu, nearly every home has a loom like an inventory article, one that is a legacy of the former generations, standing tall in the small room where it has been crammed in with same difficulty. The resounding ring of the thread and the movement of the foot pedal going back and forth mixes into the daily routines of the home like the children' s plays and the smell of cooking meal.

Cadianda which is established on a hill at southeastern of Üzümlü Area at a distance of 24 km to Fethiye. It was on Kaunos - Araxa road in Archaic Period. A part of the city wall that surrounded the city, rock graves and inscriptions written in Likia language are the ruins in Kadyanda ruin place that can be dated to the earliest period. In addition to these, Hellenistic period theater that has also been used in the Roman period after a repair, the bath, the runway, agora, the ruins of the temple, that could not be determined to belong to which God and intense civil construction traces show that Kadyanda ruin place is a full city that has been subject to settlement in the Archaic Period.


Retired people settle in Üzümlü because they enjoy higher standards of living in their new homes compared to Spain, France and other parts of Turkey , especially in Britain . Üzümlü is becoming more attractive as its valley remains a very cheap place to live without comprises on luxuries and with great opportunity to improve your living standards.
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