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26  Nisan  2018

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Gemiler Island
Following the road leading from Kaya Köyü, descend to the beautiful Gemiler beach, surrounded by pine and olive trees. Gemiler bay faces St Nicholas Island where the Byzantine ruins of a monastery lie tucked among the olive trees. A Japanese team has...
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It is 30 km. away from province, and on the Fethiye - Mugla highway. Göcek, which has an appearance of a sweet fisherman borough, become one of the most important centers of yachting tourism recently. It is an unique tourism heaven with its numerous ...
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Hisarönü is next to Ovacik and is a mini-resort perched on a mountain plateau, overlooking the famous Ölüdeniz lagoon. Lively and bright, the resort is packed with gift shops, nightclubs and the resort's speciality - restaurants catering for every ta...
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Part named by fishermen as "Inside the Darkness", composed of islands and Kapidag Peninsula, adorned numerous bays, more beautiful than one another, is the resort place of blue voyagers. YASSICA Islands, Hamam Bay, Kursunlu Bay, Yavansu, Bedri Rahmi ...
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It is a Greek settlement founded beginning from 14th century over antic Karmillassos, fully destroyed excluding a few house type tomb as a result of earthquakes and foundation period is not known definitely.Its former name is Levissi. Kayaköy, teachi...
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Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley)
This interesting canyon, surrounded by 350 m. high mountains, 3 - 4 miles away from Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), took its name from butterflies named "Jarsey Tiger" seen between July and September months. Arrival to bay, which is an earth paradise with pi...
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Olüdeniz (Blue Lagoon)
Olüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), referred as "The Eden bestowed by God to World" according to Tourism authorities, is a tourism center that is cost to world with its reputation exceeding country.Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) with very green pine forests reached to ...
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Ovacik is situated in the hills below the imposing 6,000ft mountain Babadag, along the road that runs between Fethiye (10km) and the world famous resort of Ölüdeniz (6km). In the summer, the village has the look and feel of a genuine holiday centre w...
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Saklikent (Hidden City)
It is 50 km. away from province center and within the territories of Kayadibi Village. It is a natural miracle secreted within 18 km. long, and its height reaches 600 m. from place to place, unique canyon. It is an unique tourism center, so wing moun...
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Located 28 km. from Fethiye, Tlos is one of the oldest residential areas of Lycia and one of the few cities that continued its existence up to the 19th Century. Tlos is known as “the sports centre” of the Lycian Federation and was the ho...
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Uzumlü (Cadianda)
15 kilometres northeast of Fethiye, is the town of Uzumlu that lies at the skirts of Cadianda, the antique city of Lykia, old Anatolian houses made of wood and stone queue up in aline with their peaceful courtyards, forming the cute streets of this i...
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It is an unique refreshment place, in which unforgettable moments can be lived within the mysteries of voices of water and birds, formed together with wide wealth of nature with works and creativity of human. Transportation is maintained with a 2 km....
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