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23  Mayis  2018

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Local sea life has a rich variety of fish, including octopus, eel and dolphin. Don't forget to take an underwater camera with flash to light up the vibrant colours of the wonderful fauna and coral formations.

Diving in Oludeniz and Fethiye region is a great experience whether you are a certified diver or beginner. The crystal clear water of Agean is perfect habitation for all types of marine life . There are so many different dive sites around Oludeniz. You can enjoy observing the natural sea life, kinds of creatures such as Caretta Caretta Turtles, Dolphins, Moray Eels, Octopus, Tuna, Jacks, Congers, Cray fish... You can also experience some more exciting diving. Caverns, walls, drop offs, tunnels and archeological dive sites make you live the greatest diving experience. All diving centers have professional instructors, all kind of diving equipment you may need and they provide dives for everyone from the complete Beginners to the most Experienced diver. You can find diving centers in the centre of the beach-front at Oludeniz.

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